Patrick Hoskins

I've been getting basic maintenance service here for a couple of years now, and regularly have a good experience. I've never been "up-sold" to get additional, unnecessary work done. They are always friendly, on time, and with reasonable prices.

Barbara Costa

they were great from start to finish! saw me without an appointment and gave me the confidence I need to a purchase a used car. very trustworthy, attentive and friendly! I recommend them to anyone. thanks guys for helping get through this scary and nerve wracking situation.

Brian Hertzog

The true test of a business is when things go wrong and how they respond. Something went wrong that wasn't their issue and they made it right, no questions asked. They are great group of guys and the tech is actually part owner alongside the father & son. I love having a garage that I can trust.

Phyllis S. Charlotte, NC – x x x

The service was excellent, the price was great and while the location was clean, convenient and comfortable, I didn't feel like I was being made to pay for unnecessary fancy extras. I will definitely use them again.

Phyllis S. Charlotte, NC - x x x

John A. Monroe, NC – x x x

Southend Auto Exchange is not your usual car lot. The best place to get your next auto. Our Towncar is in great shape, rides very smooth, and has been extremely reliable. One of our biggest challenges was finding the right car, but at Southend the knowledgeable and friendly sales staff matched us to a great car that has been driving our family now for 2 years.

John A. Monroe, NC - x x x

Shawn W. – 2009 BMW 135i

"Honestly a great place Scarlet helped me from beginning to end! Wonderful company bought my BMW from them and will be taking it there for all my service needs!!!"

Shawn W. - 2009 BMW 135i

Daniella M. Statesville, NC – 2008 Toyota Prius

"Great place to buy a car! The staff is super friendly & courteous. I would totally recommend this place to my friends & family. Thank you for all the help throughout the whole process. Very satisfied with my 2008 Toyota Prius!"

Daniella M. Statesville, NC - 2008 Toyota Prius

Laura W. – 2013 Nissan Maxima

"My brakes were squeaking so my natural assumption is that I need new brakes. I was a little upset because I haven't even had my car a full year but since it was Certified Pre-owned my brakes only needed to have at least 50% life left in them to pass inspection. I took it across the street to a shop that I look at on a daily basis from my office window based on a good recommendation from a coworker. I watched them pull my car in the bay and about 20 minutes later I get a vo...icemail. "Hey Laura! Good news! You don't need brakes at all! You have about 80% left in the back and about 70% in the front! You probably had some debris or something causing the squeaking. We rotated your tires per your request so your bill is about $23 and some change!" These guys could have EASILY gotten a $100 brake job out of me but instead...they were honest! Southend Auto Exchange you now have a customer FOR LIFE!!"

Laura W. - 2013 Nissan Maxima